What have I done?

“I will exercise and make healthy choices all summer long if you go to swimming lessons.”

Just last week, I proudly made this proclamation to my oldest son.  The week before, I teased my husband about the physique he’s getting from working an office job after years of working in a more active setting.  If I’m being truly honest, I am not in the best shape either.  Though– round is a shape, right?

All joking aside, I’ve been encouraged by several to write about the things I’m doing to lose weight.  The idea intrigues me, so I have decided to do just that.

We all have our vices, and right now I know I’ve been relying on mine way too much.  And it isn’t just my bloated waist that is telling me that.

You see, I use these chip clips a lot.  In fact, I have somewhere around 20-24 of the things, but these four are the only ones not being used right now.

Why is this a bad thing?  The foods they are helping maintain freshness aren’t going to waste.  There are no bugs entering the bags unbidden.

I only use the chip clips on things that shouldn’t be in the house in the first place.  The more clips I have on hand, the better we are doing at eating healthy, unprocessed foods as a family.

You see, I use the clips on chips, cereals, crackers, starchy flours, sugar bags, rice cake bags, etc.  In the pantry alone there are easily 5 types of opened cereals with clips on them.  While this is not just evidence of my eating, it is a way that I can gauge how well we are eating as a family, and these four little clips are clearly showing me that there is currently a problem!

Of course, while my oldest son agreed to my proposition (what was I thinking?!), I think we will all benefit from this promised course of action.

How about you?  Do you have any summertime health goals?


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